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Flamingo kisses in 2011, Lesvos Greece

I have a very good friend who has recently started a blog all about stamps and her love for post, it is called i heart post and I am loving her work, but it has made me realise that I have no idea what my blog is actually about. My flamingo exploring has been a little thin on the ground of late and I don’t seem to have any found any new overarching theme. I have explored, elucidated, postulated, pompously prosed on about hippos, garbage, Mr Darcy, art, skiing, life, the universe and ice creams on my little blog, but I have no nice little niche to bracket everything into.

Mine is a rather grass -roots following: ie I meet people I tell them about the blog and sometimes they read it. As well as my loyal and beloved readers I have discovered that sometimes people randomly stumble across my writing while searching for that particular something or other that their life is in need of.
I often while away perfectly good writing, eating and knitting time checking out the statistics that appear at the back end of the blog. So I know that people have found my blog by searching for:  
Sculpture, Venice, Italy
Naked boy rat Venice biennale 2011
Rogers Arena Canucks
Flamingos Lesvos
I was sorting out my possessions
The outside things of rogers arena hockey
Dennis Oppenheim Engagement
Flamingo packing tape
Where to see naked men in Venice
Bridge Harry Potter Scotland
English bay symbol
Flamingo habitat
Any restrictions on canoeing on a lake in Ayvalik Turkey with Flamingos

Glenfinnan Viaduct, AKA Harry Potter bridge, Scotland

Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada

 I don’t know if their searches ended with my blog, I like to think that it sent them off in a totally new direction.  It is fun maybe being a part of someone else’s world exploring and hopefully inspiring them to get out and explore some place new. I love the different quirks, connections and pathways that make up a life, and I know that some of the avenues this flamingo adventuress has travelled down have been due to typing a few words into a search engine, following the words and pictures and packing my bag for the next adventure. So I like the idea that my little online bubble might participate in other peoples adventures.

 I also like to dream that they come back to visit Flamingo Rover of their own free will- but I haven’t figured stalk my readership that well yet.
The things that people have typed into their search engine of choice and then clicked through to Flamingo Rover don’t give me much help when it comes to figuring out which box my blog lives in, but pondering other peoples keywords has helped me imagine my blog as part of that larger online universe. 
Maybe my mission should be to make Flamingo Rover all about what it was in the beginning… maybe it could be synonymous with random adventuring to see what you can see. 
Then again perhaps it is Seinfeldian and about nothing at all.  

2 thoughts on “Search Keywords”

  1. I was looking for a new Flamingo pink colour scheme for my Range Rover Evoque and I stumbled across your blog. It's all Baloney I say!


  2. I am loving your work too, sb. I am afraid I have been suckered into losing valuable knitting/reading/living time by browsing the statistics of my own blog too! I do like being able to connect to people in the virtual realm through my blog though. And what is more, I very much enjoy being able to connect to you through your blog. And I love Seinfeld. xx


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