Colour me Whistler

This afternoon I arrived at Whistler, BC. The sun is shinning, the sky is blue, the air is crisp, the snow seems plentiful and the village is bustling. As I sit eating my tasty all day breakfast and watching the world go by I grow more and more disappointed.  

In myself.

All around me there is a sea of colourful outfits, and out of all the rainbow of choices available in the world of ski gear somehow I have ended up acquiring silver grey waterproof pants and a black puffy jacket.
Sure sitting at the Cafe I have on my salmon pink cords and flamingo jumper, but when I get out into the snow I will be Ms Monochrome.

Even a raspberry beret does not cut it next to this kaleidoscope of mismatched far out gear.

an Aussie and some ‘locals’

the Italian boys
more locals and a Swede

the Swedish boys  tell me: “everyone looks like this there”
when the guy from Seattle in red and pink looks a little dull you know you are going to have to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

All I can do is gaze in envy and ponder if I should spend all my ski dollars on a new outfit instead- but then perhaps that would defeat the purpose.

3 thoughts on “Colour me Whistler”

  1. It's not what you wear which matters, it's how you feel on the skis. You'll be fine as long as you wear a smile (and some factor 50)!


  2. Hej elskling!
    Det vae jatta bra att traffas de svenskor, men nå må du bara åka skidor och inte sjekke upp skandinaviska skibums


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