Before I was a traveller, before I was a mother, I was a writer.



Thanks for visiting. I am an Edinburgh based Australian, powered by caffeine.

I am learning to say: ‘I am a writer.’

When I say it, people ask: ‘What do you write about?’

My answer at the moment is that I write about travel with babies, but I am trying to get back to doing some more fiction.

If people seem interested in that I might tell them about You Won’t Remember This- travel with babies, the book I created with some amazing collaborators. If they are still listening I might tell them how I am learning about indie-publishing, book marketing, and that I have a work in progress set in Jordan which is not about babies at all.

If you are still reading and you want to know more, please have a look around the website, read a blog or two and if you like any content feel free to share it, get in touch, or write about it in your diary.


Edinburgh, August 2017.


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