Before I was a traveller, before I was a mother, I was a writer.



Thanks for visiting. I am an Edinburgh based Australian, powered by caffeine.

I am learning to say: ‘I am a writer.’

When I say it, people ask: ‘What do you write about?’

My answer at the moment is that I write about travel with babies, but I am trying to get back to doing some more fiction.

If people seem interested in that I might tell them about You Won’t Remember This- travel with babies, the book I created with some amazing collaborators. If they are still listening I might tell them how I am learning about indie-publishing, book marketing, and that I have a work in progress set in Jordan which is not about babies at all.

If you are still reading and you want to know more, please have a look around the website, read a blog or two and if you like any content feel free to share it, get in touch, or write about it in your diary.

Edinburgh, August 2017.

Pleased to announce that I will be one of three judges for the Lothian Life short story competition. Open for entries from October untill the 11th December 2017. For full details go to Lothian Life.


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