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Coo Clayton – a real good EGG

I can admit this here because I am amongst friends. I stalked Coo Clayton on Edinburgh Gossip Girls before I met her in person… read more of my catch up with the Scottish childrens book author Coo Clayton for Edinburgh Gossip Girls

To the newly wed who loves to travel…

Sandy shares with us what it’s like to transition from adventurous solo traveler to globetrotting mom who explores the world with her children.   Read More at Travelletes

Combining Writing and Parenting

When I first started the You Won’t Remember This – travel with babies project, I wanted to do everything myself. Learning as much as possible about all the different elements of making a book was part of the excitement of the challenge I had set for myself.      Read more



Interview with literary consultant, editor and author of 52 Dates for Writers, Claire Wingfield.

I was writing a travel story and afterwards realized I had ‘erased’ my son from the story … I began thinking about where travel stories with babies might find a home, and who else might have tales to tell.  Read more





image for Daily Record article by Jolene Campbell
Article featuring Anne Hamilton and Sandy Bennett-Haber, by Jolene Campbell. March 17, 2017
We’ve all seen the beyond exhausted mum at check-in juggling bags, a buggy and trying to calm that toddler throwing a tantrum. Just the thought of setting off on a flight with kids is enough to bring any parent out in a cold sweat. Read more


Writing for Lothian Life

Messing about ‘On’ the Water 

I have to admit to being somewhat hesitant to go to the Canal Festival with two small children. Last year with our double buggy, my husband and I avoided the main festival… Read more.  


Portrait by Penny Hodson

My Mother is an Artist – opening night

The exhibition, the brain child and passion project of artist, Farcay Moon Grouse, opened on Friday night when guests were welcomed into a sari-strewn haven… Read more





Hidden History, Heritage, Art

On a very sunny midweek day I had the opportunity to see four projects that are part of the Edinburgh Art Festival commissions program. Read more. 

inflatable dragon
Slaying the Dragon of Profit and Loss – Edinburgh Art Festival 2017