My Trash

I thought I would follow up last weeks Lost Things blog post with a piece originally published in The Mirboo North Times way back in 2007. It continues the theme of the irreplaceable nature of so many of my things.A little while ago my housemate suggested that we take out contents insurance. On the surface it… Continue reading My Trash

Tenement Building Lists

Penned in as Edinburgh is by sea and rock a large part of the urban housing is made up of 'high density' tenement buildings. I use quotation marks because contemporary high density – especially in places like Tokyo and the once upon a time high density of when these were built is a vastly different… Continue reading Tenement Building Lists


I went to the library on Saturday afternoon only to discover that on the weekend the library is basically closed. Preparing to write at home- in January in Scotland- means that as well as getting my brain into gear I  have to shovel piles of his papers and miscellaneous debris off the desk, then boil the kettle for… Continue reading Write!