As this wet and windy week has gone on I have fallen in a bit of a physical heap. Various aches and pains laying me low. A sore throat has been the latest symptom added to the list. Nevertheless I managed a 'very' social day yesterday – which included an afternoon playdate at a friends [...]

Clutter Queen

I find notes she's left. Little tid bits. A train ticket from Melbourne 2011, half a postcard, a small pile of stamps shorn from past post, a stack of old magazines with pictures cut out, a bag of lace doilies- moth eaten but with some usable fragments, wrapping paper from last Christmas and don't get [...]

The Birds and the Bees.

On a visit to Berwick -upon-Tweed last year my mother visited a pottery and came home with a gift of two little coffee cups - there is a bird cup and a bee cup- a not unsubtle hint to her thirty something year old daughter to get a move on with the provision of grandchildren. [...]

This Canal Life

Many years ago I watched one of those travel shows which featured a segment on British canal boat holidays. Bobbing along in your little floating caravan on quiet waterways from one waterside drinking place to another looked very idyllic. Since arriving in the UK I have continued to be captivated by life along the canals [...]

In a Name

I have names on my mind of late. I have often pondered, as girls tend to do getting married - and though the question of whom I might marry has been very uncertain for the last thirty years I've always felt certain that if  such an event took place I would not be changing my [...]

Reading List

I had a project towards the end of last year - a 30th birthday present for my brother - and it kept me distracted from writing towards the end of the year. It was a bookish project that involved creating a poster filled with images of my books that I miss - and which my [...]