Winter Writing

It is a snowy day in the Highlands and I am sitting at the Red Squirrel Cafe just after opening - watching the Squirrel’s eat their nuts. I still have my coat on, plus two hats and despite my thermal socks my toes are cold. A writing day is the plan. After some fussing with… Continue reading Winter Writing

London Calling

  2010 was the year of indecision. 2011 was the year of big things. As 2012 begins to end it is time to reflect on what this has been the year of. To be honest I have not quite gotten around to any reflecting yet. I am too busy trying to finish my brothers birthday… Continue reading London Calling

Lost Things List

my pencil case - lost someplace in the house- all paper based craft projects have haltedmy watch - last seen on Sunday near Hadrian's Wall, very pink and chunky, still hoping it will turn up.Hadrian's Wall - October 2012pocket knife and leather cover, the knife was inscribed with my name and was a Christmas present many years… Continue reading Lost Things List

In the maddning crowd

A crowd can be a crush, a hassle, a bustle. Someone else’s crowd can be all too much. It can be stuck in traffic, no place to sit. Unknown bodies pressing in and stealing all your oxygen. My life has been somewhat crowded of late. Throughout the Summer months every room of our flat has… Continue reading In the maddning crowd

Golden roving

The boyfriend is one of those who can remember every sporting statistic that ever was. He is a Brit, so he often recalls in detail a loss in some rugby/football/cricket type sport and more often than not it is a loss to those unruly upstart colonials; he occasional gets to gleefully report a win. In some… Continue reading Golden roving

A growing pile of rainbows

I live in Edinburgh, so after I made a hot water bottle cover on my borrowed sewing machine, knitted a balaclava and a hat the next logical craft project was a nice cozy blanket. cloud and rainbow hot water bottle coverHaving recently discovered the joys of circular needles – perfect for balaclava and hat –… Continue reading A growing pile of rainbows