How to escape a heat wave – or if need be surf it.

I am in the Italian countryside in a heat wave. The plants are curling up their toes, the water is running dry and the Donkey is refusing to give birth until conditions improve. Apparently it is going to break any day now, but I cannot quite believe it. For me the heat wave has been… Continue reading How to escape a heat wave – or if need be surf it.

Flying Solo – a Flamingo journey

Birds flying over Ayvalik at Sunset, Turkey 2011   Sometimes the universe just does all the work for you. I wanted  to find a quaint seaside town to take some time out in after all my touring in Turkey. It needed to be an easy distance from Ephesus and a good jumping off point to… Continue reading Flying Solo – a Flamingo journey

Letter from Pamakkale

To...Thanks for catching me up on your news. Pleased the super doper pregnancy is going smoothly and that you are at the putting your feet up stage. I am sure the big sister in waiting will love her new roll, I have always enjoyed it myself. Good to hear football in the Boo is going well.… Continue reading Letter from Pamakkale

Twitching in Turkey

When I arrived in Cappadocia at eight in the morning after a 12 hour bus ride and not much sleep I had two missions:(1)    Caffeine (2)    Flamingos After breakfast and coffee (mmm, nescafe), a few exclamations about the amazing landscape and a number of conversations with local travel agents and travelling companions I had a driver… Continue reading Twitching in Turkey

Heathen in the Holy Land

I had this thought as I travelled across Jordan, somewhere in between Wadi Rum and Petra I realised that if I was on my original two month trip I would be in New England right now, possibly eating fish and chips on Marthas Vineyard.  But somehow I got lost on the way to Cape Cod… Continue reading Heathen in the Holy Land

Letter from Istanbul

To...  I hope your return from Israel to home and work has gone well, and that everyone is impressed with your travel stories. I am often a little flat on arriving in a new country, and had expected to be the same today, especially after saying goodbye to you at the airport. Which makes my… Continue reading Letter from Istanbul

How to be a good Bedouin houseguest

bedouin houseguest Wadi rum jordan

Staying as a Bedouin houseguest in Wadi Rum, Jordan let me glimpse everyday life in the village from a perspective perhaps not seen by many travellers. As nomads the Bedouin traditionally lived in tents in the desert. They made a living raising goats and camels. Today when you travel into the desert in the south… Continue reading How to be a good Bedouin houseguest