Colour me Whistler

This afternoon I arrived at Whistler, BC. The sun is shinning, the sky is blue, the air is crisp, the snow seems plentiful and the village is bustling. As I sit eating my tasty all day breakfast and watching the world go by I grow more and more disappointed.   In myself.All around me there is a… Continue reading Colour me Whistler

Rover Ski Lesson: number one.

Grouse Mountain and I have been eyeing each other off since my first day in Vancouver. The snowy peak, just across the bay, has been watching me run round Vancouver headless chicken style trying to sort out the bureaucratic hurdles in my life. On Thursday I jumped a significant hurdle and although it was by… Continue reading Rover Ski Lesson: number one.

Don’t Worry Mum!

As of tomorrow (27th of November) I will have been travelling about the globe for six months. During that time my Mum has been incredibly restrained in her worry about me, or at least she has been very restrained in expressing her worry for me- to me.I was on a bus near the coast in… Continue reading Don’t Worry Mum!

The Quiet Life

Not long after I arrived in the UK, with the fatigue of travel weighing heavily on me I started plotting to find myself a house sitting gig. House sitting was attractive for a few reasons:it was a cheap accommodation option,it would mean I could stay put in one place after months of frenetic travel,I could… Continue reading The Quiet Life

A day in Darcyshire

for Miss Lydia.I took my first proper walk in Darcy-shire (or as it is known to non Austen-ites, Derbyshire) today and as with anything Darcy related it did not disappoint. The sun was out, the sky was blue, the fields were green and I set out on a picturesque morning with no plan but high… Continue reading A day in Darcyshire

Another City, Another Story

I've been travelling for a little while now (4 months and counting), and lately I've had days where I get utterly worn out wandering about in yet another unfamiliar city. It's all noise, anonymous people, dirt, tourist souvenirs, too hot, too cold, blah argh get me out of here and to quote the great Paul… Continue reading Another City, Another Story

A Bombardment of Stories

Unlike many places I have visited on this trip  England was sketched on my unconscious well before I arrived. It's true to say that my mind map is little confused; having been built from the myriad of stories, authors, characters and poems that I have fed my imagination on over the years, it contains the Hundred Acre Wood, Midsomer, Mansfield… Continue reading A Bombardment of Stories