The Sleep Series – Part one. I can’t remember where I slept last night

I walked in the door this afternoon and it flashed across my mind, for no particular reason that I could not remember where I slept last night. I don't have a wild lifestyle. I just have two small children.Sleeping WomanFor the first few weeks after going into his own bed Rafa settled down happily and … Continue reading The Sleep Series – Part one. I can’t remember where I slept last night

I will teach my children lies

Winter, Jean Antoine Houdon, 1787 I will teach my children lies I will teach them that a mothers love and a fathers love can protect them from everything. That by treating others with respect they in turn will be respected. That by doing their bit to protect the environment, conserving resources and treading lightly on … Continue reading I will teach my children lies

How To Feed Your Soul

Have you already lost that New Year glow? That warm fuzzy feeling that this year things will go OK, things will be accomplished. You will be calm, intelligent and accomplished? I reached a proper low around the middle of January. The bottom out involved words like: stomach bug, medical fasting, colonoscopy*, husband projectile vomiting, two … Continue reading How To Feed Your Soul

Counting down to Christmas

A week or so to go:Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming... and I've done very little. Edinburgh is bloated with pre-Christmas activities. I think perhaps the intention is to distract us from the gloomy weather setting in – so the locals feel cold and are indoctrinated to think 'ah Christmas is coming' … Continue reading Counting down to Christmas