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Hewer Text
Combining Writing and Parenting by Sandy Bennett-Haber for Hewer Text. April 21, 2017

When I first started the You Won’t Remember This – travel with babies project, I wanted to do everything myself. Learning as much as possible about all the different elements of making a book was part of the excitement of the challenge I had set for myself.      Read more





Claire Wingfield Logo 2
Interview with literary consultant, editor and author of 52 Dates for Writers, Claire Wingfield. April 4, 2017

I was writing a travel story and afterwards realized I had ‘erased’ my son from the story … I began thinking about where travel stories with babies might find a home, and who else might have tales to tell.  Read more






image for Daily Record article by Jolene Campbell
Article featuring Anne Hamilton and Sandy Bennett-Haber, by Jolene Campbell. March 17, 2017
We’ve all seen the beyond exhausted mum at check-in juggling bags, a buggy and trying to calm that toddler throwing a tantrum. Just the thought of setting off on a flight with kids is enough to bring any parent out in a cold sweat. Read more


Writing for Lothian Life

Messing about ‘On’ the Water 

I have to admit to being somewhat hesitant to go to the Canal Festival with two small children. Last year with our double buggy, my husband and I avoided the main festival… Read more.  


Portrait by Penny Hodson

My Mother is an Artist – opening night

The exhibition, the brain child and passion project of artist, Farcay Moon Grouse, opened on Friday night when guests were welcomed into a sari-strewn haven… Read more



inflatable dragon
Slaying the Dragon of Profit and Loss – Edinburgh Art Festival 2017

Hidden History, Heritage, Art

On a very sunny midweek day I had the opportunity to see four projects that are part of the Edinburgh Art Festival commissions program. Read more.