Before I was a traveller, before I was a mother, I was a writer.

Sandy Bennett-Haber


Like everyone life looks quite different just now. I am home with our two boys, pottering along as best we can. There are attempts at ‘home school’ – but mostly in my best moments I am trying to remind myself that everything is learning and letting the boys follow their noses. There has been a lot of television, tears and tantrums.

I am writing in small snatches of time – again there has been a lot of television, tears tantrums and twitter procrastination.


Towards the end of 2019 I sat down with the lovely JoJo Fraser to chat about all of my favourite things: writing, travel, motherhood and running. You can listen to our chat on her podcast here. This was pre 2020 – so if you need a little escape from the current state of the world give it a listen.

Gift Recommendation (or soft selling book plug)

I can’t help but recommend two books very close to my heart. Feel free to get in touch for signed copies. They make a very nice colour coordinated bundle if I do say so myself!

Waymaking – is an anthology of women’s adventure writing, poetry and art, including a story I wrote about wild swimming in Turkey. You Won’t Remember This- travel with babies, is the book I created with some amazing collaborators.

The Mending Basket

This was a fab project last year and I am looking forward to gathering folks at my table again in the future (I suspect my baking will have improved!) Until then my mending basket and stitching projects are keeping idle hands busy and stretching out the life of our clothes.

Stay safe!

Edinburgh, May 2020.

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