Appointment Necessary

There are moments in life when you should just follow your gut instinct- when a decisive –

rather than an expedient or polite reaction to a situation can make all the difference. Don’t walk through that darkened park, don’t give that guy at speed dating your phone number, don’t buy the lipstick the salesgirl just ‘LOVES ‘…

I had one of those on my birthday. After a lovely relaxed morning at the beach with my family, my husband and the baby and I drove over to a nearby town pondering what to do with our afternoon. I remembered something I had done in my pre-baby life, a relaxing, pampering type of something that seemed perfect for a birthday girl. I would get a haircut!

Rover and her mum at the beach
The first hairdressers we saw was closed so we wandered on – knowing that the spur of the moment appointment may not be forthcoming. When I spied the second hairdressers I was perhaps a little too quick to be pleased about the ‘No Appointments Necessary’ sign in the window.
The moment I should have followed my gut was not on entering, but a little later. I was already in the gown and sitting in the chair. I undid the braid my hair had been in for three days – and saw that it was a good hair day for me – a good hair day being that my hair was not in one giant clump at the back of my head but hanging in limp clotted mess around my shoulders.
The moment I should have left was when I asked her if she could wash my hair before she cut it and she told me – as I sat in front of the hair washing sink – NO they did not do hair washing. If I had stood up at that point and said thanks but no thanks I could have had a shot at my relaxed afternoon of pampering. But no, instead I got a brusque lady wrenching a comb through my poor sorry hair and lecturing me on the terrible state I had gotten it into.
I am a new mum; there are probably many things I could do better in my life – but spending time on personal grooming is low on the list of priorities just now. Which it is why an impromptu afternoon at the hair dressers is a treat. It is not just a new hair do that makes you feel like a new woman, it is the 20 mins or so guilt free reading of glossy magazines on the sofa waiting for the hairdresser, falling asleep while you are having your hair washed for you – ‘a head massage? Yes please’, the buzz of the salon around you, the cup of tea the apprentice makes for you and the styling that you could never possibly do for yourself.

Rather than leaving feeling like a relaxed yummy mummy with a birthday bounce in her step and a beautiful, tangle free hairdo I left with damp, stringy hair that was slightly shorter than it had been when I went in and a sour look on my face that my husband could see from a block away.

a swim at Mallacoota

Instead of correctly and regularly conditioning my hair this summer I have been swimming, swimming, swimming. As a family we swim in the creek at my mums every afternoon. We have been to every beach in Gippsland that we can and quite a few rivers too. Rafa loves it, and smiling back at my beautiful son while he experiences the wonder that is ‘swimming’ is irreplaceable.

Family swim at Betka Beach, Mallacoota
I haven’t added bad hair to my list of things to feel guilty about – the list is long enough already –
and includes:
going to the toilet when the baby wants to play/ be fed/ have a cuddle
trying to eat the baby wants to play/ be fed/ have a cuddle
trying to sleep when the baby wants to play/ be fed/ have a cuddle
But I have crossed that particular hairdresser off my list of places to return to.
Rafa and Rover mum swim in the Boggy Creek – Nowa Nowa
Rafa and his dad swim in the Boggy Creek – Nowa Nowa


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