Lost Things List

my pencil case – lost someplace in the house- all paper based craft projects have halted

my watch – last seen on Sunday near Hadrian’s Wall, very pink and chunky, still hoping it will turn up.

Hadrian’s Wall – October 2012

pocket knife and leather cover, the knife was inscribed with my name and was a Christmas present many years ago from my mum. The cover belonged to my dad. Lost in Wales – this one hurt.

blue crochet hat – sent to Scotland by my mum to keep me toasty, came off my head while I was out running and had vanished by the time I retraced my steps.

replacement grey hat with fur bobble, scavenged by the boyfriend – mysteriously lost someplace between H&M and work. (Mother gave me a replacement blue crochet hat on her recent trip – not lost yet.)

toasty city glove. Bought from MEC in Vancouver, fell out of my overstuffed handbag on Princes Street between Vodafone and the bank.

pink snow glove, Christmas present from the boyfriend – lost from my raincoat pocket on a Lowlands ramble or possibly North Berwick. Guess what I am getting this Christmas…

Scottish Lowlands – April 2012

purple felt mini purse I used to keep my ipod in. Handmade with embroidery by myself and my mother – lost on a night train in Norway.

agate stone from my chunky ring purchased in Kahn el-Khalili, Egypt – came adrift from the ring getting off the Edinburgh to Glasgow train.

Lost Agate stone

blue homemade kimono silk headband – lost someplace in Tanzania

copy of Microsoft Word – lost when I rebooted my virus riddled computer in Greece.

swingy heart earring, bought in New York 2008  – lost on a play day in London 2011. I still wear the remaining earring pirate style.

postscript: On the way home from work this evening I went into the art shop and bought some new coloured pencils and paints because I was frustrated having non. I got different kinds than the ones I lost, just in case the others turned up. Walking home I had a brain wave of a place I had not looked for the pencil case… they were not there unfortunately, but while I was scrambling about under the bed I found it had fallen down beside my bedside table! So perhaps I had to extend my collection of colourful mark makers in order to get my pencils back? 
Still no sign of my watch. 

2 thoughts on “Lost Things List”

  1. sad yet really liked reading this post sandy. I think it makes me feel less singular when I think about my lost things.


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