I. Am. Doing. It.*

rover in library- possibly procrastinating- in Flamingo jumper

Before I could get out of the house this morning to come to the library and get my fiction project finished off I had to:
Have a Skype chat with my mother in Australia.
Wish my boyfriend a happy birthday via Skype and Facebook because he is in Norway- and I had a chat to his Norwegian buddy as well.
Chat to relations of my German house-mate who are staying in our flat.
Parcel up and post said mother her 60th birthday present.
So I am reminding myself not to resent all these intrusions into my writing time with a quote from Fay Weldon:
‘As for disturbances, some writers thrive on them. For many, if life provides uninterrupted leisure for writing, the urge to write shrivels up. Writing, after all is part of life, an overflow from it. Take away life and you take away writing.’
from ‘Letters to Alice, on first reading Jane Austen’
Nevertheless I am pleased all my loved ones are far away by riverbanks and snowy mountains so I can get on with it…**
* title borrowed from a loosely remembered quote from one of my favourite Helen Fielding novels, ‘Olivia Joules’- Olivia being a journalist prone to procrastination who gets distracted by shiny things and suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists.  

** and yes I am aware that I created a distraction for myself by writing this blog, but as I wrote it in my head on my walk into town it hardly counts.

1 thought on “I. Am. Doing. It.*”

  1. I love it Sandy. And you are so right(write..pun). What would people have to write about if they didn't have lives to live and experiences to challenge, excite, inspire their living etc? Keep writing…you have a gift and your words lift the spirits and bring a smile to my face.


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