Why Ice Creams?

I don’t exactly have a sweet tooth, I am much more of a salty savouries girl. But that does not mean that when J buys a six pack of Cornettos and goes away for a week he will be a full pack awaiting him on his return. Like so many others I like to eat ice cream, and perhaps unlike many others I also like to collect photos of kitschy ice cream cones advertisements.

A classic Vanilla cone, Ireland.
The question of why is a bit like the question of Why Flamingos? I don’t have a good solid answer. Just little answers.
Because the colours are pretty.
a multi-flavour stack from the
 seaside town of Ayvalik, Turkey. 
Because you can find them all over the world- an amazing reminder of our interconnectedness- we may live far apart and have different cultures but:
Roadside near Jambiani, Zanzibar- Made my taxi driver
stop so I could take this picture on the way to the airport.
I scream
you scream
we all scream
for ice cream.

Iced confectionery is inherently linked to Stackhats, Milk Bars, bikes and childhood in my mind. One of the pieces of fiction I have had bubbling away for a while has the two main characters- 12 year old girls meeting under the shadow of a giant rooftop ice cream cone outside their local Milk Bar. 
They are an icon of the past and the present as well- so often associated with one of my other favourite things- fish and chips. Sadly the sculptural attempts at fish and chips I have seen thus far are not nearly as attractive as the ice creams.
getting it right in Comrie, Scotland

so wrong in Dingle, Co.Kerry, Ireland

Because in a

world of so many known unknowns ice cream is a good solid known.


Because even when they are truly hideous they are still cool.

Granville Island, Vancouver

Covent Garden, London


Because they make me smile.
Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

street view- Venice, Italy

close up- Venice, Italy

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