I went to the library on Saturday afternoon only to discover that on the weekend the library is basically closed. Preparing to write at home- in January in Scotland- means that as well as getting my brain into gear I  have to shovel piles of his papers and miscellaneous debris off the desk, then boil the kettle for my hot water bottle and work out how to sit on an office chair wrapped in a I doona (duvet still sound silly if you ask me).

Then I have to unwrap myself and go and get my fingerless gloves and hat.
Then I have to turn off Facebook and get to work.

At the moment I am:

thinking about plot lines
thinking about how to get my work out there should it ever get good enough/ finished
thinking I need to take the rubbish out and pick up some milk
wondering how to balance writing/job search/ me time/ him time
listening to Norah Jones one more time to try to get into my writing zone
trying not to check Facebook
trying not to get distracted taking self portraits
trying not to get distracted writing a blog about trying to write
trying not to get distracted loosing my pen inside the doona again…

but somehow there are words coming as well.

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