New Year List

The end of 2011 saw me bagging two snowy Munros in the Scottish Highlands, which brings my total Munro count to a humble three.

Ben Nevis (1344m) is the tallest and was my first earlier in the year, then in the count down to 2012  I did two in two snowy days. First there was Garich (919m): the day started with bogs, climaxed with ice axe assisted assent to a white out summit and ended just on dusk tramping back through the bogs.

Loch Quioch Dam, picturesque start point for Garich climb.

This was back to back with the humble Beinn Tealluch (950m), another overwhelming bog slog- especially with no recovery time for my legs. There was no need for an ice axe this time, though the walking pole proved to be a powerful ally in the seemingly endless snowy terrain that went agonizingly up up up.

at the top of Bein Tealluch 

There are 283 Munros in total and at the moment I seem to know a lot of people who have them all on their to do list.

Back in Edinburgh with the new year begun and my lists are a little more mundane:

To Do

Edinburgh dressed for Hogmanay

fix up resume
do dishes
do laundry
get a new phone
get a UK bank account
look at volunteer options
make friends
look at work options
get a hair cut
stay warm
admire my new boots
pay credit card bill

To Get
knitting needles
hot water bottle
hair dryer

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